Sisterhood of Dune Tour Schedule Announced!

Jan 3, Tuesday
DENVER: Kevin—B&N, Lone Tree, CO/7pm
SEATTLE: Brian—University Bookstore, Seattle, WA /7pm

Jan 4, Wednesday
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Kevin—Uncle Hugo’s/5:30 PM
PORTLAND, OR: Brian—Powells Books/7pm

Jan 5, Thursday
CHICAGO area: Kevin—Fremont library, Mundelein IL/7pm

Jan 6, Friday
DAYTON, OH: Kevin—Books & Co at the Greene/7pm

Jan 7, Saturday
CINCINNATI, OH: Kevin—Joseph-Beth Bookselllers/1 PM

Jan 8, Sunday
ATLANTA (Decatur): Kevin—Eagle Eye Bookstore/2 PM
REDONDO BEACH, CA: Brian—Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach/2:30pm

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New Great Schools Series Announced!

A new series was announced this week by authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Heading back toward the formation of the Dune universe, Brian and Kevin will start working on their latest creation, THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE, which will focus on the formation of the Bene Gesserit school.

More titles coming in this series will be announced in the near future....

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