Tour Cities Announced for SISTERHOOD OF DUNE

Tor Books has just confirmed the cities where Brian Herbert and I will be signing copies of SISTERHOOD OF DUNE this January.  In order to make twice as many stops, in twice as many cities, and see twice as many fans, we are going on parallel tours.  Don’t worry, we’ll each carry signed book plates from the other, so readers can get both signatures.

Jan 3, Denver
Jan 4, Minneapolis
Jan 5, Chicago
Jan 6, Dayton
Jan 7, Cincinnati
Jan 8, Atlanta
Jan 9, Orlando
Jan 10, Dallas
Jan 11, Houston

Jan 3, Seattle
Jan 4, Portland
Jan 6, Sacramento
Jan 8, Redondo Beach
Jan 9, Pasadena
Jan 11, San Diego
Jan 14, Vancouver

I’ll post the times and store locations as they are finalized—mark your calendars, and we hope to see you there.